Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Do You NOT Want Sell Your Home? - From Winthrop Real Estate Pros

   If you are not sure whether or not now is the time to sell your home, the
answer is probably no. The reason is, if you really need to sell, it doesn't
matter the time, you just need to sell.

   If you are wondering what the market will do or see if you can get a certain amount out of your home, you're not really ready nor are you a serious seller. Pricing it too high and letting it ride is not the way to sell a home and it just makes this over saturated market stocked even more.

   Buyers only want to deal with serious sellers right now. If you are too
picky on the price or are inflexible, buyers will usually just go somewhere
else. There are too many homes on the market and too many motivated sellers for
them to waste time arguing with you.

A serious seller is not just someone that lists a home for below market
value. Yes, this is extremely helpful but there are other factors when trying seriously sell. If you are inflexible or unreasonable with buyers, they
start to wonder if you really want to sell the Winthrop home. These types of unrealistic
behavior may include appointment only showings, or hanging around while buyers
tour the home. Nothing makes a buyer more uncomfortable then having the seller
breathing down their neck the whole time.

   Sellers need to scatter when there is a showing and let the buyer tour the
home at their own speed. If they have questions they can ask their buyers agent
and if they don't know, the buyers agent can ask the seller. (Coldwell Banker offers excellent Buyers Agents for Winthrop real estate.)

   Sellers also need to be reasonable and flexible with the buyers negotiations
and offer. Don't get offended if the buyers put in a low ball offer. They may
not know where to start and they may really like the home. Negotiate amicably
and find a middle ground without getting agitated or insulted. If you were the
buyer, you would do the same thing. (Learn more about selling Winthrop Homes)

   Being reasonable doesn't mean you have to give away the farm but entertain
each offer and negotiate reasonably even if you think the buyers themselves are
not being reasonable. Your attitude and behavior can go a long ways in your
direction when the time is right.

   For more valuable information for buyers and sellers in the Winthrop WA real estate market, visit the dedicated agents with Coldwell Banker Winthrop for all your Methow Valley needs.

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