Sunday, March 6, 2011

Columbia Gorge Land is Valuable for Building Custom Homes

Ever thought of having your own private waterfront piece of property with a custom built home, perhaps a log home? This isn't far from doable. Lots on the Columbia River and Columbia Gorge real estate are well within the means of many folks wanting that piece of their plot all to themselves.

Prices are still low for buying vacant lots and land even riverfront land. Finding the right lot for your needs means first making conscience lists of what it is you need in your home. Are you looking for a second home or vacation spot? Do you want to build your dream home or retiree spot? What about your lifestyle and your needs on a daily basis? How far out of the way do you need to be from the nearest town, store, large metropolis? These are all things you will need to figure out before searching for your piece of property.

There are many small towns around the area including White Salmon Washington, Hood River Oregon and The Dalles. Not to mention that Portland is just a couple hours away depending on where you locate. If you need the big city, Portland is a great location on the south side of the river and Vancouver Washington is located just on the north side. Knowing if you want to be in Washington or Oregon is a great place to start. If taxes, or state issues are of concern, this might be the best place to start. Once you know which side of the river you want to be on, consider distances from bridges, or how long it will take if you need certain amenities such as medical care, groceries etc. What will your land be used for? Are you going to have a garden? Or want little to no landscaping? All these play a factor in the topography of the land you choose.

Once you have the area picked out and know what you want to get out of  your land, you will want to make sure you have the right builder. Ask for referrals, get someone local that knows the area and the land they are building on. Find someone with a style you enjoy and helps you design the home to your needs, not the way they like it.  If you are constructing something permanent, consider a log home or something that matches with the area. Consider weather at different times of the year. Snow and steep driveways may be an issue. Do you want instant access to the river or does it matter.

These are all things that you need to take into consideration when finding and purchasing a home or land in the Columbia Gorge. There is a certain beauty here that is unlike anywhere else in Washington. Visit some our great associates in Northwest Realty to get an idea of homes and lots currently for sale in the area.