Monday, December 27, 2010

Ways to Stop Foreclosure on your Walla Walla Home

Ways to stop foreclosure on your Walla Walla home.

If you are thinking about foreclosure on your home there may be options out there for you. The first thing you will need to do is determine where you are in your late payments and what position you are in currently.

If you have only missed one payment, you are not anywhere near foreclosure just yet. You will need to contact your lender and discuss your options. The last thing you want to miss is your mortgage payment. Stop making payments on everything else except food and shelter and make sure that mortgage payment gets made.

If you have missed more than one payment, still contact your lender and explain your situation. They don't want you to loose your home either. If you think of it that way it will make the embarrassment of calling them much less anxious. They are not in the Walla Walla real estate business and don't want to have to foreclose on your home.

Many times these lenders have programs in place to help borrowers with their mortgage payments. There are loan modification programs where the lender can re-evaluate your loan and come up with a more comfortable payment or even just a pause on payments for a short amount of time.

You can always talk to a Walla Walla real estate agent for options on a short sale. This is simply a sale where the owners are still the sellers but have gotten permission from the lender to sell at a lesser price than what is owed. This must be approved by the lender but is a better way out of a sticky situation.

If you have missed 3-6 months of payments and the banks have started the foreclosure process there still may be a way to avoid foreclosure but you must stay in constant communication with your lender, your agent and any 2nd lien holders.

Most people really loose out when they give up and stop communicating. This is where so many people are today and have started all the way back at the bottom with their credit and their lives.
Don't let this happen to you. There are many options for those that think they may be facing foreclosure.

Call LWB Realtors today for help on your Walla Walla real estate. If you are outside our area, we can help refer you to the right Realtor or lender in your area.

LWB Realtors:  509-525-8700

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deputy of the Fairbanks US Army of Alaska Plans to End Career Here

In Fairbanks Alaska,  Col. Mark Lowe now plans on retireing and remaining here after arriving in Fairbanks in 1983 in 45 degrees BELOW zero.

He remembers arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska and his car didn't have a block heater but  a woman working at the hotel volunteered to keep his Ford Mustang running through the night so he could get a good night's sleep.

What folks will do for a loyal GI.

This hospitality drew him back in October as the deputy commander of U.S. Army Alaska after being stationed in Virginia for several years.

Lowe told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner he plans to end his military career there. He's spent much of his time in special operations, and his career has taken him to nearly 90 countries.

Fairbanks welcomes those in training and those who wish to retire here. For all Fairbanks real estate contact Cameron Harter. His willingness to help those in need of any kind of housing is worth it's weight in gold.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Downtown Kirkland Condos and Properties

Ever been downtown Kirkland? The place is literally changing all the time. With new shops, restaurants and attractions, there is never a shortage of fun things to do and see in downtown Kirkland Washington.

About 10 years ago I used to work at a little chocolate shop right in the heart of downtown Kirkland. Bernard C Chocolates. The shop was there for probably over 10 years and sold some of the most delicious chocolates in the area.

Just down the street there was a cute little Greek restaurants with excellent bakliva and garlic sauce. Couldn't really help customers after that sauce though without some serious mouthwash! I don't know if the restaurant is still there but along this road the shops have come and gone and no matter what pops up in their place there is usually quite a buzz around it.

There is always room for a sweet stroll along the waterfront and more Kirkland condos and homes are popping up here as well. Whether feeding the ducks or taking a dip in Lake Washington in the summer, the activities are literally endless.

Just up the street is one of the hubs of great activities. With a movie theater, restaurants, wine shops and boutiques right across the street from amazing Kirkland homes one may never have to leave the city.

To tour some of these great homes and Kirkland condos, please see the folks at Hallmark Realty. They personally offer private tours and information on Kirkland homes and real estate.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smart Steps to Buying Alamogordo Homes

Thinking of buying a home in Alamogordo real estate area? There are a few tips to keep in mind before setting out on the exciting journey to home ownership.

If this is your first time buying you will want to make sure you have the ability to buy. This can be learned from the local or national lender. You can find out online or in person but you will need to discuss all your finances and income to determine how much home you can afford. There is nothing worse than finding the home of your dreams only to discover you can't afford it. Take that problem out of the equation by getting approved up front and them have your lender issue you a pre-approval letter. This will show sellers you have done your homework and are a serious buyer.

Once you have the pre-approval letter in hand then you will need to look for home within that price range. You may find something less than your maximum and then you might find something a little more that you can offer less on. Either way make sure to extend your search to about $10,000 over your limit and $10,000 under you bottom line. Agents have a way of pricing a $250,000 home at $249,999 and if you capped your minimum at the $250K you wouldn't even see that home.

There are many great homes currently on the market in the Alamogordo real estate area. If you think that Christmas is not a great time to buy, you may be wrong. Home sellers are even more motivated during this time and may have more time to show the home than normal. Plus you will typically get to see the homes lit up and decorated with homey decor.

Once you have found the right house you and your Alamogordo buyers agent will submit an offer. The offer can either be rejected, accepted or countered. If there is a counter offer you can decide which direction you want to go. This doesn't have to be the final step in negotiating as you can make as many offers as you want until a negotiation is made.

For more tips and to start looking at Alamogordo homes, visit The Alamo/Nelson Team in Alamogordo New Mexico. They offer tips, articles, local news posts and all the listings in the Alamogordo area.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving into the Enterprise AL Real Estate Area?

There is probably nothing more stressful and exciting at the same time then a move. Whether it be a short move across town or across the country there are many things to consider, remember and organize.

Moving into the Enterprise AL real estate area? There are many wonderful things to do and see here but here are some quick tips for moving into your new home. Do you have an agent yet? If you are still in the preliminary stages you will need a buyers agent for your Enterprise home. You don't want to go at this blindly and you don't want to trust the listing agent of the home you choose. This can actually cost you money as they are not working for you but the seller of that Enterprise home. Make sure you have a buyers agent only working for you and your move.

Once you have found a buyers agent and found the home you want, there are details that must happen for the deal to close. You must acquire homeowners insurance on the home and inform the insurance company of all the details of the house. If you are moving from another area and don't have constant access to the house, your buyers agent will be able to help you with all of this.

You also want to be able to know where everything is in the Enterprise Alabama area. Here are some helpful tips and contact information.
Southeast Alabama Gas District  (334) 347-8878
Covington Electric Cooperation (334) 347-9449
Alabama Power (334) 598-4961
Enterprise Sanitation Dept (334) 347-1211
Enterprise Water Dept. (334) 347-1211

When moving to Enterprise Alabama make sure you have all your boxes packed and labeled as to either what they are or in what room they belong. This allows others that may be helping you move and unload to know where a particular box goes, not just you, yourself.

Once in Enterprise, make sure you take the necessary steps to change your address to your new Enterprise home and all your billing documents. If you have children, make sure their school information is updated and medical records are transferred. 

Enterprise Alabama is a wonderful place to call home. The informative agents with Century 21 Regency Realty deals with not only Enterprise homes and real estate but also Fort Rucker rentals and properties for sale. So whether you are buying, selling or renting in the Enterprise real estate area, the trusting agents at Century 21 regency realty are here to offer their experienced services to you. Give them a call today at    800-334-9625

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Be Pre-Approved for Las Vegas Real Estate?

Buying in the Las Vegas real estate market is like hold a steak out to a lion. There are so many hungry agents in the Las Vegas area that it's not hard to find an agent. The hard part is finding a good one. A good agent will be someone that continually has closings from buyers and sellers. The agent that hasn't had a closing in a year, although may really need one, is not the best bet.

Henderson Home
Choose an agent that knows the Las Vegas real estate market very well and is seasoned in the latest market trends. A good agent will also tell you to be pre-approved before looking at homes. There are many great pockets of homes in the area including great deals in Summerlin NV short sales and Henderson NV foreclosures. If you choose to go this route, make sure your agent specialized in these types of transactions.

Sit down with a lender and go over all your finances, debts and income and then they will determine how much home you really can afford. The last thing you want is to view Henderson homes or properties and then discover you can't afford them. There is nothing more depressing when home buying.

Once your lender has determined how much home you can afford, then start looking at homes within that price range. Remember, the price they give you is the maximum. You don't have to max it out and it's probably best that you don't because there will be things that come along that you might not have thought about once you are in the home. That little extra money can come in handy.

Some things to consider when looking at homes is the price range. Since we are talking Las Vegas real estate, more than likely there are plenty of homes on the market that have been there a while. You may be able to offer less on a home than full asking price. This being the case, you will want to search for homes about $10,000 over your budget and then offer lower than your allotment.  Also, remember that agents can price homes $1 less than what you may be searching for. If you search your minimum price of $250,000 and an agent has priced the Las Vegas home at $249,999, you will have missed this home completely.

For more tips visit my Henderson NV real estate associate in Better Homes and Gardens real estate.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Selling Sierra Vista Real Estate and Property

Considering selling your Sierra Vista real estate or property? There are some tips to know if now is the time to sell.

It's a tough market out there right now but that's not news to anyone. Which is why you need to be a serious seller if you are going to sell in the Sierra Vista real estate market. Homes are still selling and buyers are buying but you need to know your competition and be ready to price it right from the beginning.

Speaking of price. This is your first step in selling your Sierra Vista real estate. Price it too high and chase the market down to get even a showing. Price it too low, buyers either think there is something wrong with it or you will sell it for less that you can really get for it. This is where having a Sierra Vista real estate agent on your side can make this process much easier. Have your agent go over all the sold properties and those still on the market and find the best price for your home. Pricing your Sierra Vista home just a little less than your closest competition will ensure more showings and ultimately an offer.

Make sure you stage your home properly as well.Walk through your home and see if there is anything that stands out as an eye sore or problem area that buyers would notice right off the bat. These are issues that need to be addressed before placing your Sierra Vista home on the market. Once these are done, have your agent or a trusted friend walk through the home and see if there is anything that stands out to them. Often times living in the house can make us blind to various issues.

Check the smells too. Nothing turns off a buyer more than a bad smell, whether it be from pets, smoke or mold. Buyers will just see more work to be done once they move in. If the home smells fresh, clean or even better, like warm cookies, it will feel more like home..... and maybe they will envision it as THEIR home.

There are many different things to consider when listing your home. Starting with the right agent is a good place to begin your journey. Tim Bullington from Sierra Vista Re/Max can offer a free listing presentation and a market analysis of your Sierra Vista real estate. Give him a call today for more tips and help on listing and selling your Sierra Vista Home. 520-266-0026