Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Be Pre-Approved for Las Vegas Real Estate?

Buying in the Las Vegas real estate market is like hold a steak out to a lion. There are so many hungry agents in the Las Vegas area that it's not hard to find an agent. The hard part is finding a good one. A good agent will be someone that continually has closings from buyers and sellers. The agent that hasn't had a closing in a year, although may really need one, is not the best bet.

Henderson Home
Choose an agent that knows the Las Vegas real estate market very well and is seasoned in the latest market trends. A good agent will also tell you to be pre-approved before looking at homes. There are many great pockets of homes in the area including great deals in Summerlin NV short sales and Henderson NV foreclosures. If you choose to go this route, make sure your agent specialized in these types of transactions.

Sit down with a lender and go over all your finances, debts and income and then they will determine how much home you really can afford. The last thing you want is to view Henderson homes or properties and then discover you can't afford them. There is nothing more depressing when home buying.

Once your lender has determined how much home you can afford, then start looking at homes within that price range. Remember, the price they give you is the maximum. You don't have to max it out and it's probably best that you don't because there will be things that come along that you might not have thought about once you are in the home. That little extra money can come in handy.

Some things to consider when looking at homes is the price range. Since we are talking Las Vegas real estate, more than likely there are plenty of homes on the market that have been there a while. You may be able to offer less on a home than full asking price. This being the case, you will want to search for homes about $10,000 over your budget and then offer lower than your allotment.  Also, remember that agents can price homes $1 less than what you may be searching for. If you search your minimum price of $250,000 and an agent has priced the Las Vegas home at $249,999, you will have missed this home completely.

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