Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Do You NOT Want Sell Your Home? - From Winthrop Real Estate Pros

   If you are not sure whether or not now is the time to sell your home, the
answer is probably no. The reason is, if you really need to sell, it doesn't
matter the time, you just need to sell.

   If you are wondering what the market will do or see if you can get a certain amount out of your home, you're not really ready nor are you a serious seller. Pricing it too high and letting it ride is not the way to sell a home and it just makes this over saturated market stocked even more.

   Buyers only want to deal with serious sellers right now. If you are too
picky on the price or are inflexible, buyers will usually just go somewhere
else. There are too many homes on the market and too many motivated sellers for
them to waste time arguing with you.

A serious seller is not just someone that lists a home for below market
value. Yes, this is extremely helpful but there are other factors when trying seriously sell. If you are inflexible or unreasonable with buyers, they
start to wonder if you really want to sell the Winthrop home. These types of unrealistic
behavior may include appointment only showings, or hanging around while buyers
tour the home. Nothing makes a buyer more uncomfortable then having the seller
breathing down their neck the whole time.

   Sellers need to scatter when there is a showing and let the buyer tour the
home at their own speed. If they have questions they can ask their buyers agent
and if they don't know, the buyers agent can ask the seller. (Coldwell Banker offers excellent Buyers Agents for Winthrop real estate.)

   Sellers also need to be reasonable and flexible with the buyers negotiations
and offer. Don't get offended if the buyers put in a low ball offer. They may
not know where to start and they may really like the home. Negotiate amicably
and find a middle ground without getting agitated or insulted. If you were the
buyer, you would do the same thing. (Learn more about selling Winthrop Homes)

   Being reasonable doesn't mean you have to give away the farm but entertain
each offer and negotiate reasonably even if you think the buyers themselves are
not being reasonable. Your attitude and behavior can go a long ways in your
direction when the time is right.

   For more valuable information for buyers and sellers in the Winthrop WA real estate market, visit the dedicated agents with Coldwell Banker Winthrop for all your Methow Valley needs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Now is the Time to Buy Wenatchee Homes

Wenatchee homes
Ever thought of living in the beautiful state of Washington? Now is a great time to buy Wenatchee homes. With so many gorgeous homes in the Wenatchee and Leavenworth area, you can settle here and be just a stone's throw from major activities.

With Leavenworth just minutes from Wenatchee, residents can enjoy the snow peaked Cascades that nestle the small Bavarian town in the crook of the valley. In the summer, there are countless events, activities and festivals for folks of all ages.

Wenatchee is the booming city in the Valley located along the Columbia River about 2 miles east of Seattle. Coming over the mountains along the river into the Wenatchee Valley offers hillsides of apple orchards and vineyards. With a range of seasons year round the possibilites are endless for things to do.

Wenatchee currently has many homes, condos, townhomes and properties for sale all around the area. If further up the road is more your style, consider Leavenworth homes and properties. People from all walks of life have chosen to live in the Wenatchee real estate area and benefit from the warm summers and snowy winters.

Team Hess provides an excellent place to start looking for Wenatchee homes. Not only are they experts in the area but supply their buyers and sellers with valuable information that helps buy smart or sell fast.

Buying real estate can be a scary step but with the right knowledge and information ahead of time, you can walk into it with confidence. It also helps to have the right team assisting you along the way. Nothing is off limits when it comes to understanding your real estate needs and rights. Team Hess can help navigate all the sometimes confusing issues that go along with buying Wenatchee real estate.

Contact them today for up to date current Wenatchee and Leavenworth real estate listings and feel free to call anytime for answers to your Wenatchee homes questions. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Selling Enterprise Real Estate or Homes

Selling a home is not so easy of a task, especially in this market. But it still can be done. Sellers are selling and buyers are buying. The trick is to know what's selling, for what price and what buyers are looking for.

Are all buyers just looking for a short sale or foreclosure?
Home in Enterprise Alabama For Sale

No. Some are, yes. But many buyers right now don't want to have a mess to clean up or a home that may not be livable for a couple months. Many buyers, especially first time home buyers, want a home they can move right into and start living there.

A lot of foreclosures on the Enterprise real estate market today have been trashed and some even gutted. Unless buyers are up for an expensive challenge they usually will pass on these. But the investor may see profit in one of these. These are usually super cheap and the investor can take the time to fix up the home and turn around and sell it for a profit or rent it out.

So if these are so cheap, how can a seller compete?

A real seller, not a bank, needs to compete by being competitively priced while offering a much better home than the foreclosure down the street. This can be done by simple staging, decorating, layout and color.

Where can a seller start?

I think the best place to start is to visit your competition. Tour model homes, open houses, even those foreclosures. See what the pricing points are and what they are offering. It's just not the same as pulling up pictures and stats online. Seeing what the buyers will be seeing can really be eye-opening. When you know what buyers will be looking at in the same price range, you can inevitably market your home better.

So is it really important to have a listing agent?

A listing agent can help a seller fill in all the gaps. It's best to have a professional list the property with the local MLS as a general seller does not have access to this. A listing agent can also market Enterprise homes to hundreds of other buyers through their network of buyer's agents. Plus, when it comes to legal documents and contracts, a seller can know they are being protected by allowing the agent to handle all the paperwork and make sure the buyers are in accordance with the laws as well.

So it is still possible to sell a home in this market without being a short sale or foreclosure?

Absolutely. And there are many Enterprise homes for sale right now that have not been on the market that long. If you are interested in selling your Enterprise or any Dothan real estate, please contact Premier Properties Inc. in the Enterprise Alabama area. They specialize in helping buyers and sellers come together over the right house.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple Tips to Selling Sierra Vista Homes

When it comes time to sell your home, there are many things that should be done prior to calling a real estate agent. You need to make sure your home is ready for the agent, then don't be offended when that agent also finds things to fix, repair or upgrade. It's all part of making your home stand out above the sea of Sierra Vista real estate on the market now.

Amid the rolling hills of the Sierra Vista desert lie some amazing homes and properties. There are still plenty of buyers out there looking for Sierra Vista homes and the key is to stand out above all the rest.  You can do this by first visiting your competition and see what buyers are seeing. With this in mind you can alter your marketing strategy and staging techniques to maximize showings and gain an offer.

Whatever your competition has, you must have more for less. Price the home right and offer more. That is, if you really want to sell. If you must get a certain amount of net profit from the home, then you must offer something that your competition that is lower priced, doesn't have. Check out similar Sierra Vista properties for sale and see if you can "one up" them.

If your competition has laminate floors, consider Pergo or something of nicer quality. If the carpets have been cleaned, consider replacing yours. If the counters are Corian, consider Granite. Yes, these are pricey upgrades but you get the idea that if you want to get more for the home, the home has to have more.

Make sure the home stands out on it's own as a neutral place, not a personal space. Buyers don't want to see you in the home, they want to see themselves in the home. That can't happen with personal photos on the walls, collections above cabinets and memorabilia gracing the shelves. Think of a resort hotel room. The space is neutral for either gender and typically calming with no sense of the house keeping's personal taste or manager's family on the nightstand.  

By using these simple tips and keeping in mind what buyers are seeing and how they will be viewing your home, you can start to make changes that will make your Sierra Vista real estate appealing to all buyers.

Ask your Sierra Vista homes agent to give you pointer or a trusted friend for truthful advice on your home. Check out this featured Sierra Visa AZ home.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They Are Called "Buyer's Representatives" in Fairbanks Real Estate

What is a representative? Someone that represents something or someone obviously. But is it smart to have a representative when you are the buyer of real estate? Most places in the country call it a buyer's agent but my Fairbanks homes expert Cameron Harter is a professional buyer's representative. What's the difference? Nothing really. It's simply the way Alaska has set up their real estate system.

A buyer's representative does just that; represents the buyer in a Fairbanks real estate transaction and no one else. They are not concerned for the interest of any one particular seller. It is not their job to sell a specific Fairbanks home but to find the BEST property for the buyer.

A buyer's representative will focus on the buyer's needs, finances and terms all the while keeping what can be confidential private so as to not harm the buyer's side of the transaction at all.

The main reason to use a buyer's representative is cost. It literally costs the buyer's nothing to use a buyer's representative. How do they get paid? And this is where you might think that an agent is not truly working for the buyer, but the agent gets paid from the split commission paid out by the seller of the property.

So you are probably asking, "then they have an ulterior motive in selling me a particular home". But this is really not the case. The buyer's representative will get a percentage of the sale of the home. They don't care what home it is, just so long as it's the right home for you. They are really only concerned about finding the best home for you.

But you might also ask "If the representative is getting paid from the sale of the home, then they would want that sale to be as high as possible." Not necessarily. The amount of the sale does not determine a large enough commission to really make that big of deal. If the selling commission in 3% on a $220,000 home, that fee would be $6600. If the agent got the sellers to come down to $200,000, it would save you $20,000 and only knock off $600 from their commission. Yes, it's $600 but not enough to try and make you pay more than you should on a home.

I hope this clears some things up about how a buyer's representative can help save you money and you don't have to pay a cent. For more tips, visit my Fairbanks real estate expert and he would be glad to help you get the right home at the right price in the Fairbanks real estate area.

How Does Online Real Estate School Really Work?

If you have considered being a real estate agent there are a lot of details and information you need to know before you take the plunge.  Is this really the best option for you as far as a vocation right now? It's a tough market and this is not one where homes are going to be handed to you from your broker. You have to "work for your supper," as they say.

Before you start down the path to becoming a real estate agent make sure you know what niche you are going for. It's best to have an area or a type of common theme that you work with. Are you going to be a buyer's agent, a listing agent or both? Also, are you going to focus on foreclosures, short sales, condos, town homes, rentals or single family homes?  Of course you can do all but really good agents find a niche and market that to the best of the area.

You also want to look at your competition. Are there too many agents in your area? Consider a part of town that is not marketed as heavily. How will you know? Have you ever received a postcard from a local agent in your mail? Agents that focus on an area do this often enough to "brand" their name with real estate. You want folks to think when they go to buy or sell, "What was that agent's name again?" They will automatically think of you when buying or selling.

There are also a lot of hidden costs involved in becoming a real estate agent that many people don't plan on. For starters, you must get your real estate license and to do this, you must take classes. These real estate classes are mandatory for any potential real estate agent. Not only required but have many details that help explain how real estate works.

These classes can be taken online or in person but most people take the initial real estate courses online and then take continuing real estate education in a variety of ways. Once you finish the classes, then you must take the test. This itself cost money and then if you pass, the license cost money. Once you have license you must "hang" your license somewhere and this may costs as well depending on the brokerage and their fees.

All in all, you can spend $1000 just barely getting started and that's without any marketing tools. Some brokerages offer benefits for working with them such as free signs, business cards or advertising. Some companies also have mentor programs to help new agents through transaction and split commissions for referrals.

All in all, being a real estate agent can be very lucrative but it does take work. There are great real estate schools out there to start the process. Begin now, with Webnet Real Estate School.

Are Home Inspections Necessary when Renting?

I have a great site that I market for in Whidbey Island real estate and their number one searched for page is their rental page. I have not optimized the site for rentals but after the report from Google Analytics it shows over 800 hits just to the rental page alone. I didn't know so many people were searching for Whidbey Island rentals but now that I do, maybe I need to change my content and article writing.

Are there really that many people still looking for rentals? If so, whats the basis for searches and comparisons when it comes to rentals? Should the renter get a home inspection?

Obviously when buying, a home inspection is super important as this is an investment and not having an inspection would be like buying 100 grand in stock and not knowing anything about it. But do renters really need a home inspection? If something breaks, you can simply call the landlord. BUT, here in lies the questions.

What if there are numerous things wrong with the place and you have a bad landlord? Ok, how to go about this question.... if you have a home inspection and the home turns out to be filled with bugs, pests, and many broken items, will the landlord fix these things PRIOR to you moving in? That may be the best question to ask.

So many new renters simply walk through the home and if the like the layout, they rent it... then they find out once they move in how many things actually don't work.

My Oak Harbor Homes expert talks about all the issues you should be aware of in a real estate inspection and these are also some important things to look for when renting. If the appliances all work, running water that's not brown, light switches and safety features.

This brings up another topic. What is the house is not wired properly? If there were a fire, yes, you wouldn't loose your home but you would loose all the things in the home that do belong to you. Are you willing to take that chance?

Inspections may be pricey but nothing is worth loosing all your personal belongings over. Have a home inspection even when renting. And especially when renting a single house. For more tips, visit my Island County real estate connection on how to inspect a home.

Olympia Real Estate Professionals Give Tips on Motivated Seller

How can you tell if you are dealing with a motivated seller or not? Buyers are few and far between in this market right now and the last thing a buyer does want is to deal with a seller that's not really serious. Parkside Affiliates, which is a leader in Olympia real estate, offers information on their article about how to tell if you are dealing with a motivated seller.

Motivated sellers are sellers that really do need to sell. They don't list their property just to see what it will do. Most "fake" sellers will actually list their homes higher than market value just to see if they can actually get any buyers or to see if they can get what they want for it. If they do get an offer, it's typically a low ball offer and the seller will be overly emotional about it and refuse it right away without a counter-offer.

Parkside Affliates' article discusses the issue from the seller's side. If I were a motivated seller how can I behave with buyers. As a Lacey real estate seller, you will want to market and sell your home fast. No one that is serious wants to sit on the market forever and then chase it down with the price month after month.

Motivated sellers, price it right the first time. This is usually lower than anything that compares in the area. IF you price it too high or right where all the other homes are, then the buyer has more options and may find something they like more down the street for the same price.

As a buyer, you do have options but it's helpful to scout out the motivated sellers when possible before wasting your time. A good agent will help with that and also be able to tell pretty quickly if you are dealing with a motivated seller.

Our Tumwater real estate connection also states that motivated sellers are cooperative with buyers. If the seller gets overly emotional and insulted with a low offer, they may not be as serious. Their listing agent needs to inform them that this is a business deal and a counter-offer is acceptable. The whole game is simply negotiating back and forth until an agreement can be made on price and terms. If the seller is aggrivated that a buyers would ask for certain things, they may not be that motivated to sell.

Check out out Lacey WA real estate pros with Parkside Affilates for more on Motivated Sellers in Olympia Real Estate.

Monday, November 8, 2010

How Real Estate Websites are Loosing Rank

Does Page Rank matter anymore? Or does the number of visitors, how long they stay and where they click really the key to finding good, solid leads in the real estate biz? As  an real estate SEO blogger and article writer, I am noticing more visitors from referring sites than from actual search engines. Does this mean seach engines are dead? Not at all. Someone has to start the search somewhere for something then end up at the site you actually want them to go. Take for instance Bozeman real estate site The site comes up on the 2nd or third page of most search engines but the visitors and hits to the site are in the hundreds if not thousands in page views.  Trying to get this site up in the search engines may be a loosing battle but its competing with search engines and referring sites a like in about 26% of traffic each.
Another site which this is occuring is Kennewick homes expert Jason Barrow Realty. The site has tons of information and great local info but is not ranking as high on the search engines. Althoug the referring traffic makes up about 57% of the traffic.
So is PR Dead? Maybe not, but as long as the right traffic is coming to the site, why does it matter how they got there?