Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple Tips to Selling Sierra Vista Homes

When it comes time to sell your home, there are many things that should be done prior to calling a real estate agent. You need to make sure your home is ready for the agent, then don't be offended when that agent also finds things to fix, repair or upgrade. It's all part of making your home stand out above the sea of Sierra Vista real estate on the market now.

Amid the rolling hills of the Sierra Vista desert lie some amazing homes and properties. There are still plenty of buyers out there looking for Sierra Vista homes and the key is to stand out above all the rest.  You can do this by first visiting your competition and see what buyers are seeing. With this in mind you can alter your marketing strategy and staging techniques to maximize showings and gain an offer.

Whatever your competition has, you must have more for less. Price the home right and offer more. That is, if you really want to sell. If you must get a certain amount of net profit from the home, then you must offer something that your competition that is lower priced, doesn't have. Check out similar Sierra Vista properties for sale and see if you can "one up" them.

If your competition has laminate floors, consider Pergo or something of nicer quality. If the carpets have been cleaned, consider replacing yours. If the counters are Corian, consider Granite. Yes, these are pricey upgrades but you get the idea that if you want to get more for the home, the home has to have more.

Make sure the home stands out on it's own as a neutral place, not a personal space. Buyers don't want to see you in the home, they want to see themselves in the home. That can't happen with personal photos on the walls, collections above cabinets and memorabilia gracing the shelves. Think of a resort hotel room. The space is neutral for either gender and typically calming with no sense of the house keeping's personal taste or manager's family on the nightstand.  

By using these simple tips and keeping in mind what buyers are seeing and how they will be viewing your home, you can start to make changes that will make your Sierra Vista real estate appealing to all buyers.

Ask your Sierra Vista homes agent to give you pointer or a trusted friend for truthful advice on your home. Check out this featured Sierra Visa AZ home.

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