Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Does Online Real Estate School Really Work?

If you have considered being a real estate agent there are a lot of details and information you need to know before you take the plunge.  Is this really the best option for you as far as a vocation right now? It's a tough market and this is not one where homes are going to be handed to you from your broker. You have to "work for your supper," as they say.

Before you start down the path to becoming a real estate agent make sure you know what niche you are going for. It's best to have an area or a type of common theme that you work with. Are you going to be a buyer's agent, a listing agent or both? Also, are you going to focus on foreclosures, short sales, condos, town homes, rentals or single family homes?  Of course you can do all but really good agents find a niche and market that to the best of the area.

You also want to look at your competition. Are there too many agents in your area? Consider a part of town that is not marketed as heavily. How will you know? Have you ever received a postcard from a local agent in your mail? Agents that focus on an area do this often enough to "brand" their name with real estate. You want folks to think when they go to buy or sell, "What was that agent's name again?" They will automatically think of you when buying or selling.

There are also a lot of hidden costs involved in becoming a real estate agent that many people don't plan on. For starters, you must get your real estate license and to do this, you must take classes. These real estate classes are mandatory for any potential real estate agent. Not only required but have many details that help explain how real estate works.

These classes can be taken online or in person but most people take the initial real estate courses online and then take continuing real estate education in a variety of ways. Once you finish the classes, then you must take the test. This itself cost money and then if you pass, the license cost money. Once you have license you must "hang" your license somewhere and this may costs as well depending on the brokerage and their fees.

All in all, you can spend $1000 just barely getting started and that's without any marketing tools. Some brokerages offer benefits for working with them such as free signs, business cards or advertising. Some companies also have mentor programs to help new agents through transaction and split commissions for referrals.

All in all, being a real estate agent can be very lucrative but it does take work. There are great real estate schools out there to start the process. Begin now, with Webnet Real Estate School.

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