Monday, November 8, 2010

How Real Estate Websites are Loosing Rank

Does Page Rank matter anymore? Or does the number of visitors, how long they stay and where they click really the key to finding good, solid leads in the real estate biz? As  an real estate SEO blogger and article writer, I am noticing more visitors from referring sites than from actual search engines. Does this mean seach engines are dead? Not at all. Someone has to start the search somewhere for something then end up at the site you actually want them to go. Take for instance Bozeman real estate site The site comes up on the 2nd or third page of most search engines but the visitors and hits to the site are in the hundreds if not thousands in page views.  Trying to get this site up in the search engines may be a loosing battle but its competing with search engines and referring sites a like in about 26% of traffic each.
Another site which this is occuring is Kennewick homes expert Jason Barrow Realty. The site has tons of information and great local info but is not ranking as high on the search engines. Althoug the referring traffic makes up about 57% of the traffic.
So is PR Dead? Maybe not, but as long as the right traffic is coming to the site, why does it matter how they got there?

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