Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where to Live in Alaska?

Thinking of moving to Alaska? There are hundreds of great places to choose to live and most have a variety of seasons to enjoy. It's not always cold and snow in the Alaska frontier although many places do tend to deal with the amount of or lack of daylight. Having a day with only 4 hours of daylight can be a bit tricky to get used to, but typically these are more northern areas of Alaska such as Fairbanks and the North Pole.

The 24-hour darkness in the winter months occurs only in part above the Arctic Circle. Anchorage will get some sunlight for at least a few hours each day but the longest nights occur around Dec. 21st which is called the Winter Soltice. During the summer months, the opposite occurs and there are more hours of daylight than darkness making for some beautiful evenings.

Anchorage is a wonderful place to call home and has several suburbs and regions around the area. Home to several thousand residents, Anchorage provides all the necessary amenities one could want when living in Alaska.

Here are just some of the places in the Anchorage and Mat Su Valley area with homes to browse:

  • Anchorage

  • Big Lake

  • Downtown

  • East Anchorage

  • Girdwood

  • Houston

  • Mat Su Valley

  • Meadow Lake

  • Midtown

  • Palmer

  • Peters Creek

  • South Anchorage

  • Sutton

  • Talkeetna

  • Wasilla

  • West Anchorage

  • Chugiak

  • Willow

  • Hillside

  • The choices are endless, the price ranges variable and the beauty unmatched.  When deciding on where to live in Alaska, Anchorage is a wonderful location and destination. Beautiful scenery, cascading waterfalls, soaring mountains and beautiful winters; there's not much out there like Alaska.