Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving into the Enterprise AL Real Estate Area?

There is probably nothing more stressful and exciting at the same time then a move. Whether it be a short move across town or across the country there are many things to consider, remember and organize.

Moving into the Enterprise AL real estate area? There are many wonderful things to do and see here but here are some quick tips for moving into your new home. Do you have an agent yet? If you are still in the preliminary stages you will need a buyers agent for your Enterprise home. You don't want to go at this blindly and you don't want to trust the listing agent of the home you choose. This can actually cost you money as they are not working for you but the seller of that Enterprise home. Make sure you have a buyers agent only working for you and your move.

Once you have found a buyers agent and found the home you want, there are details that must happen for the deal to close. You must acquire homeowners insurance on the home and inform the insurance company of all the details of the house. If you are moving from another area and don't have constant access to the house, your buyers agent will be able to help you with all of this.

You also want to be able to know where everything is in the Enterprise Alabama area. Here are some helpful tips and contact information.
Southeast Alabama Gas District  (334) 347-8878
Covington Electric Cooperation (334) 347-9449
Alabama Power (334) 598-4961
Enterprise Sanitation Dept (334) 347-1211
Enterprise Water Dept. (334) 347-1211

When moving to Enterprise Alabama make sure you have all your boxes packed and labeled as to either what they are or in what room they belong. This allows others that may be helping you move and unload to know where a particular box goes, not just you, yourself.

Once in Enterprise, make sure you take the necessary steps to change your address to your new Enterprise home and all your billing documents. If you have children, make sure their school information is updated and medical records are transferred. 

Enterprise Alabama is a wonderful place to call home. The informative agents with Century 21 Regency Realty deals with not only Enterprise homes and real estate but also Fort Rucker rentals and properties for sale. So whether you are buying, selling or renting in the Enterprise real estate area, the trusting agents at Century 21 regency realty are here to offer their experienced services to you. Give them a call today at    800-334-9625

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