Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Use Valid Keywords in Article Content?

Keywords linked to your URL are king. If you don't have them you won't get a vote for your site, simple as that. If you want to be known for a certain keyword, meaning you want to show up when someone searches for that keyword, then you must brand your URL with that keyword.

It can be a few keywords but I would stick to 3 main keywords for your branding. Whether it be Winthrop real estate Winthrop homes or Winthrop WA homes, each one will offer something different in the search engines. 

People search a variety of different ways and knowing how people search is just as important as the keywords you choose. You can search for a specific general term  like Alamogordo real estate or something more detailed such as Being competitive in Alamogordo real estate then you will have those that are truly searching for this topic become aware of your site.

These longer phrases are known as long tail searches. There may only be 10 people searching for them but they may be serious buyers that really are looking for what you are selling. Narrowing in on those searches is really what detailed SEO is all about.

Find your best words, phrases or sentences to maximize on and link the heck out of them everywhere! On your website, you blog and anywhere else online your voice is going to be heard!


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